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Reading the World ・ People, Places, Passions

Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 28th edition of the Hong Kong Book Fair will be held from 19 to 25 July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Under the theme of "Reading the World ・ People, Places, Passions", this year's event attracts about 670 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions and more than 320 cultural activities will be held during the fair period, with the aim to encourage readers to travel around the world and broaden their horizons.

Theme of the Year — Travel

This year’s Book Fair adopts “Travel” as the Theme of the Year. Both travelling and reading can broaden our horizons. Yet the world is too enormous that it is difficult for us to travel to every country. Reading different travel works gives us the opportunity to come into contact with the polar region and dangerous mountains and walk through continents at war. Whether you and I have travelled to the countries or have not set foot in the continents, we can expand our visions through the words and personal experiences of these travel writers.

Art Gallery — Vibrant Cultures around the World

Echoing the Theme of the Year, a dedicated zone "Around the World through Words" will introduce readers to nine Hong Kong travel writers of different backgrounds. They include Leung Ping Kwan and Xi Xi (litterateurs), Albert Wong (cruise expert), Rebecca Lee (explorer), Sonia Ng and Jason Wordie (historians), Zhou Yijun (veteran international journalist), Kam Ling (novelist) and Celia Cheng (writer and photographer). The zone will showcase how their works are derived from the items and photos which were used or collected during their journeys so as to enhance public understanding of their travel works. During the Book Fair, Theme of the Year: Travel Seminar Series will be organised, with travel writers telling their own stories and scholars analyzing different travel works.


Handmade alpacas from Peru from Celia Cheng Persian stone figure bought from a museum in Iran from Kam Ling  The Journeys by Leung Ping Kwan (Ye Si)
Handmade alpacas from Peru
from Celia Cheng
Persian stone figure bought from a museum in Iran
from Kam Ling
The Journeys by Leung Ping Kwan (Ye Si)
At the "Beyond the Picture" zone, the organiser is in collaboration with the National Geographic magazine to showcase photos of cultures, landscapes, sceneries and architecture in Hong Kong and worldwide, including award-winning photos so that readers can experience the feelings and passions of photographers through their images. In addition, the zone will also display a collection of photos, postcards and stamps showcasing Hong Kong's past and the works of famous illustrator Lee Chi Ching including street markets, fruit stalls, housing estates and fishing boats in Hong Kong, allowing us to revisit the good old days of Hong Kong.
雷神之怒<br />周朗溢 穿越時空的少女<br />李維燊 在夢中的一夜<br />袁斯樂

Apart from travel related zones, this year's Art Gallery will also feature "A Journey to Sichuan" exhibition. Sichuan Province enjoys a reputation as the Land of Abundance. Exhibits will be catagorised into four main themes — exploring the ancient Sichuan civilisation, understanding famous historical figures, appreciating the works of literary masters and viewing the customs of ancient Sichuan. Interesting performances such as Sichuan 'face-changing' operas, tea art performances and ancient string instrument performances will be arranged.

Bronze mask with Protruding Eyes
Bronze mask with Protruding Eyes
Xian Nairi from Lü Renyou
Xian Nairi
from Lü Renyou

Sharing Sessions by World-renowned Writers

This year's Book Fair features eight seminar series, including the "Theme of the Year — Travel" Seminar Series, Renowned Writers Seminar Series, English Reading and Creative Writing Seminar Series, Children and Youth Reading Seminar Series, World of Knowledge Seminar Series, Hong Kong Cultural and Historical Seminar Series, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth Seminar Series and Lifestyle Seminar Series. Speakers include renowned writers from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong such as Han Shaogong, Zhou Meisen, Liu Xiaoqing, Wang Chaoge, Xu Zhiyuan, Lu Nei, Zhou Bing, Xiao Han, Hao Jingfang, Zhu Tianxin, Tang Nuo, Liu Ka Shiang, Yang Ze, Leung Man Tao and Craig Au-Yeung.
Han ShaogongHan Shaogong
Liu Xiaoqing
Liu Xiaoqing

The Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau has invited French illustrator Cédric Fernandez, African-born French novelist Alain Mabanckou and Hong Kong-based French author Arnaud Lanuque to introduce their works at the World of Knowledge Seminar Series. With support from the British Council, bestselling crime fiction writer Sophie Hannah and travel writers Tim Moore and Sara Wheeler have been invited to speak at the English Reading and Creative Writing Seminar Series while Hong Kong-based English author Mark O'Neill will also continue to be one of the speakers.
Alain MabanckouAlain Mabanckou
Arnaud LanuqueArnaud Lanuque
Cédric FernandezCédric Fernandez