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Art Gallery

The Art of Literature

Literature and arts are intrinsically inseparable. Art Gallery aims to introduce outstanding modern authors to the public through displaying their works and collections. Together with a series of seminars and cultural activities, Art Gallery inspires readers with creativity and innovations. Art Gallery has three main zones:

1. Chinese Martial Arts Literature

The Chinese Martial Arts Literature zone illustrates the development of Chinese martial arts literature across the time, through introducing eight highlighted authors, including Liang Yu Sheng, Jin Yong, Gu Long, Ni Kuang, Woon Swee Oan, Huang Yi, Jozev Lau and Zheng Feng. Precious exhibits, such as early serialized comic clippings, editio princeps, adapted screenplays and comic books, as well as martial arts literature inspired paintings by renowned comicist Lee Chi Ching, will also be showcased.
"The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" authored by Jin Yong – character portrait by Lee Chi Ching

"The Magic Blade" authored by Ni Kuang – adapted screenplay in the 60s
"The Book and the Sword" authored by Jin Yong – adapted comic books in the 70s
Manuscript of novels by Woon Swee Oan

2. Literary Giant – Jin Yong and Louis Cha

Not only is Jin Yong one of the reputed Chinese martial arts novelists, he is also an influential leader in the press and the movie industry in Hong Kong. This dedicated zone for Jin Yong showcases his works and their impact to Hong Kong culture and Chinese literature.
Louis Cha on Hong Kong’s Future – A Collection of Ming Pao Daily News Editorials
Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha
Special Film Issue of The Giant Eagle and its Companion
Courtesy of Mr Ng Kwai-lung
Jin Yong and the Main Cast of the Film The Giant Eagle and its Companion
Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha
Couplet handwritten by Jin Yong
Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha

3. A Journey to Silk Road : Shaanxi & India

The Silk Road has been the bridge between the East and the West since the Han Dynasty, aggregating rich and diversified cultures. This year, Art Gallery will focus on the cultural history of Shaanxi Province of the Chinese mainland and India. In addition to performances and seminars, this zone will display publications, photographs, traditional costumes, historical crafts and more.