Green Tips

Support Hong Kong Book Fair!

Make The Hong Kong Book Fair a Green Spotlight.

The annual “Hong Kong Book Fair” is one of the largest of its kind in Asia, attracting the attendance of several hundred thousand book lovers. The Fair enables readers an opportunity to have a preview of new books and to contact book writers. It also aims at promoting local reading culture through the organisation of various activities.

During the seven-day event, it is hoped that, besides supporting local cultural activities, visitors would also respond and contribute to the Fair’s appeal for environmental protection to make the Hong Kong Book Fair a green spotlight.
Download app to reduce papers
The HK Book Fair app is newly launched this year to provide instant fair updates to visitors. Go green and reduce the use of paper maps.

Green travel

The traffic condition in Wanchai is critical due to the ongoing construction work. To prevent serious traffic jam, ask your friends to visit the Hong Kong Book Fair together using public transport. This would help reduce the production of exhaust gas, thereby reduce air pollution.

Carry own shopping bag
Plastic shopping bag (PSB) charging has been fully implemented to all retail outlets, including Book fairs. Exhibitors should not distribute plastic bags to customers for free, unless such use is exempted from the PSB charge. They will have to charge customers not less than 50 cents for each plastic bag. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to buy their own bags!

Environmentally-friendly consumption
Purchase of reusable or plain packed products could avoid unnecessary wrappings and also reduce waste production. This will enable a longer life span of the dumping area.

Waste recycle
Categorised waste recycle bins are placed inside the Fair venue. Please treasure our resources and support waste recycle.

Sharing the love for forests
During and after the Fair you must be eager to share many photos with your friends but please try to do so through your blogs or e-mails in order to reduce paper consumption thus contributing to the protection of our forests.

Bring You Own Bottle 
Drinking machines are available inside the Fair venue. Please be environmental friendly and bring your own bottle.

E-tickets will be sold via AlipayHK App. More information is available on AlipayHK's website.
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