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Theme of the Year

Theme of the Year — Chinese Martial Arts Literature

For the first time, Hong Kong Book Fair is introducing a Theme of the Year to readers – Chinese Martial Arts Literature. Martial arts literature has been playing a prominent role in Hong Kong’s literary world, cultivating a vast quantity of Martial arts masterpieces over the years. The genre gained continual popularity in Hong Kong during the 50s-60s, when Chinese martial arts novels started to be serialized on newspapers. Such serial stories were so popular that they were re-published as printed novels. Up to now, these martial arts novels have stood the test of time, and are still appealing to a mass audience. Many of the stories have been translated into different languages, and even transformed into comics, TV series, movies or computer games, providing a wide range of channels for the world to understand the essence of Chinese culture.
To promote the Theme of the Year, Hong Kong Book Fair will be organising a series of seminars to explore Chinese martial arts literature across different times. In addition, a dedicated zone 'Chinese Martial Arts Literature' would be set up in Art Gallery, to introduce classic martial arts novelists.