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Record 1.04 Million Visitors Attend Hong Kong Book Fair
Sports and Leisure Expo Draws to a Successful Close
Book Fair: Per Capita Spending at HK$810, Cultural Events Popular
24 July 2018 – The 29th Hong Kong Book Fair and the second Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo concluded today. Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the seven-day Hong Kong Book Fair attracted a record 1.04 million visitors. Apart from purchasing their favourite books, readers also participated in various cultural events while the on-site seminars and Art Gallery exhibitions received enthusiastic responses.

“The Hong Kong Book Fair continued to receive great support from readers this year, attracting more than one million visitors during its seven-day run.” said HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau. “Apart from purchasing books to their liking, readers also keenly participated in on-site cultural events. In particular, the International Cultural Village, the Art Gallery and the various cultural performances drew crowds of visitors enjoying this cultural feast together.” He noted that the decision on the theme of the year -- “Romance Literature” – and the selection of the 10 featured writers had been made collectively by the Hong Kong Book Fair Cultural Events Advisory Panel after detailed discussions. These 10 representative authors were selected at the same time by the Advisory Panel so that the fair could introduce a mix of writers and works from different periods to arouse readers’ interest in the genre and achieve the fair’s objective of promoting reading culture. The participation of budding authors could also help pass on the legacy of romance literature, Mr Chau added.

Elvin Lee, Chairman of the Hong Kong Publishing Federation, said: “The Hong Kong Book Fair is a mega event in town. It is a big and increasingly diversified cultural platform. We were delighted to see authors and works from different eras featured at the Art Gallery’s ‘Theme of the Year’ exhibition. Alongside familiar big names in romance literature, the exhibition also featured a number of brilliant new-generation writers. Most of them have found fame by writing bestselling romantic novels, while one of them has gained popularity after starting out as an online author. This mix helped engage the interest of readers of different ages and tastes, while encouraging new authors, which could in turn promote reading and creation.”

While the Book Fair and the concurrent HKTDC Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo were well received by local visitors, they also appealed to booklovers from overseas. According to an on-site survey, over 9% of total visitors were from outside Hong Kong.

Cultural Events Attract 300,000+ Attendees
During the fair period, about 310 cultural events were held on-site, including “Theme of the Year: Romance Literature” seminars, renowned writers’ seminars, International Cultural Village performances, noted writers’ reading sessions and cultural performances at the Art Gallery. A total of more than 640 events were held in connection with the Book Fair, including activities that took place under the month-long “Cultural July” citywide campaign, drawing more than 300,000 attendees.

Average Per Capita Spending at Book Fair: HK$810
The HKTDC commissioned an independent market research agency to conduct an on-site survey during the Book Fair, interviewing more than 820 visitors. Most respondents reported having bought printed books over the past year, spending HK$1,412 on average. The average per capita spending expected at the Book Fair was found to be HK$810. Most respondents were drawn to the Book Fair by new releases (79%), followed by discounted items (41%).

Most Popular Genres: Fiction, Literature and Travel Books
The survey also revealed the visitors’ reading habits. About 98% of respondents said they had read a printed book in the past month, spending an average of 22 hours reading, similar to last year’s findings. The most popular genres were fiction (64%), literature (39%) and travel books (33%). Other popular genres included self-improvement, language study, religion and philosophy. The survey also found that 60% of respondents have read e-books in the past month, spending an average of 20 hours reading.

Promoting Book Donations and Waste Recycling
Book collection sites were set up at the fair once again this year for exhibitors to donate unwanted books, which will go to voluntary service organisations for distribution to individuals or organisations in need. Large recycling bins were also placed at the venue while exhibitors were reminded to recycle unwanted books and materials. The Hong Kong Book Fair mobile app was launched this year, allowing readers to receive the latest information about the fair -- including a floor plan -- anytime, anywhere. This initiative reduces the need to print exhibition-related materials and addresses environmental concerns.

Cultural July – The Joy of Reading Continues
While the 29th edition of the Book Fair closed today, visitors can still view the video recordings of about 100 seminars on the fair website and the HKTDC’s online video channels. In its seventh year, the “Cultural July” citywide campaign continues until the end of this month. Highlight activities include art screenings, experimental theatre shows, exhibitions and seminars. For details, please visit the “Cultural July” website.

Sports and Leisure Expo Well Attended
The second Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo featured over 130 exhibitors showcasing a broad selection of sports and leisure products and services from more than 160 brands. Over 50 on-site events organised by the HKTDC, as well as other activities organised by exhibitors, were enthusiastically received, creating a vibrant atmosphere at the fairground. Sharing sessions by local star athletes were also well attended.

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The 29th HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair concludes today, having welcomed a record 1.04 million visitors during its seven-day run at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
A seminar is held in memory of the late Hong Kong literary giant Liu Yichang. The seminar was part of the Renowned Writer Seminar Series – one of eight on-site seminar series – and among some 310 cultural events held during the week-long Book Fair
Renowned Taiwanese writer Lung Yingtai presents her new book at a seminar, with both the main venue and two live broadcast auditoriums packed with audiences
Up-and-coming British writer M. A. Bennett, one of a number of English-language authors featured at the Book Fair, shares her writing experience at a seminar
The Art Gallery features four thematic exhibitions, including “Love between the Lines”, “Photo Gallery of Silk Road”, “A Journey to Zhejiang” and “A Gem of Chinese Culture – Cantonese Opera”
Mr Wong, an avid reader of Lam Wing Sum, says he has learnt more about the writer and other romance authors through the exhibits at “Love between the Lines”. He describes the exhibition as “meaningful”
Mr Chow, a Cantonese opera aficionado, attends the exhibition “A Gem of Chinese Culture – Cantonese Opera” with his family. He says the exhibition is “very educational”, with many exhibits being relics that reflect the development of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong. He adds that the exhibition helps promote this form of intangible cultural heritage as the Book Fair attracts many young visitors
Coming from the United Kingdom, Howard is visiting the Book Fair for the third time. He is impressed with the scale of the fair, noting that it gathers a wide range of books and that he has been able to find some English ones of interest to him. Howard also expresses interest in visiting the concurrent Sports and Leisure Expo
Ms Tsang (left) and her daughter (right) are attending the Book Fair, as they do each year. Ms Tsang plans to purchase translated novels, travel books, as well as collections of stories and essays. She remarks that the morning admission tickets and special re-entry promotion are very attractive.
Mr Fung (right) is taking part in the Book Fair with his son (left) for the third year. He hopes that his son can learn through reading. He has spent more than HK$2,000 at the “Children’s Paradise” on such items as educational children books and toys. He finds the educational materials available at the Book Fair affordable
A fair highlight, the Japan Pavilion features culture, landmarks, food and leisure events from various cities and prefectures, as well as organising interesting activities such as photo-taking with anime characters, games and kimono try-ons
Waste separation bins and recycling cages are placed in various halls for public use. The HKCEC mascot “Buddy” promotes the message of recycling to visitors while environmental ambassadors are on hand at the fairground on the last fair day to assist exhibitors and visitors to separate and recycle waste. These were just some of the environmental protection measures implemented at the Book Fair. Others included the provision of recyclable cutlery at the Food Court throughout the fair period
Book collection sites are once again set up at the Book Fair this year for exhibitors to donate unwanted books. The books will go to voluntary service organisations, including Christian Action, Chu Kong Plan and The Salvation Army, for distribution to individuals or organisations in need
Chan Yuen-ting, the first female coach of a professional men’s football team in Hong Kong (centre); Steve Lo, Hong Kong’s first Marathon Grand Slam winner (right); and Wong Hiu-ying, the first Hong Kong gymnast to create an internationally recognised gymnastic move, speak at a sharing session on 18 July, one of over 50 events organised on-site during the second Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo, which closed today after more than 130 exhibitors showcased a broad selection of sports and leisure products and services from more than 160 brands
The InspiringHK Sports Foundation offers various sports for free trial at its booth, attracting many children and teenagers. Overall, the Sports and Leisure Expo was well received and enjoyed by visitors, including a large number of families, while many exhibitors found their on-site promotions effective
Street Workout Hong Kong holds the Hong Kong qualifying competitions for Street Workout World Championships at the fairground, drawing plenty of visitors
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